Past programme 2007

Spring 2007

17 January         Choral Collection                                                      Malcolm Cloke

31 January         Samuel Barber                                                         Stephen Hatton

14 February       Sons of Bach                                                            Jim Benson

28 February       Joan Sutherland                                                      Peter Sutherland

14 March            The Music of Warfare                                             George Johnstone

28 March             Members' Night

Summer 2007

11 April               Arvo Pärt                                                                      Jim Benson

25 April               Favourite Piano Pieces                                             Pamela Masson

9 May                  Chorale Preludes                                                        Ian Watson

23 May                Jon Vickers                                                                 Stephen Hatton

6 June                 Another look at George Lloyd                                  Malcolm Cloke

Autumn/Winter 2007

26 September              Handel's Arias and Scenes                            Jim Benson

10 October                   The Flute and its Music                                   Ruth Morley (Guest speaker)

24 October                   The Countertenor Revival                               Lewis Stevens

7 November                  Spain's other Music: Zarzuela                        John Masson

21 November                Digital Formats and Restoration of Old Recordings
                                            with Examples  
                                             Peter Taylor

5 December                 The Unfortunate Herr Gade                              Malcolm Cloke

19 December                Sibelius                                                               Peter Sutherland