Past programme 2014

Spring/Summer 2014

8 January             Members' Night

22 January           Antonin Rejcha                                                  Peter Herbert

5 February           Soviet Composers                                             Peter Taylor

19 February          Lesser Known Operatic Arias                         Peter Ainslie
                         &   Weber's Overtures and Chamber Music       Ronald Stewart

5 March                 Josef Suk, Snr (1874 - 1935)                          Richard Beith

19 March               First and Last Thoughts                                   George Johnstone

2 April                   Amy Beach                                                         Michael Coleman

16 April                 Music with an Emphasis on Atmosphere       Evelyn Stevens

30 April                 Music and the Night                                           Ian Watson

14 May                  Edgar Bainton                                                     Pat Herbert
                         &   Raphael Wallfisch Cello Music                        Marjory Pearson

28 May                   A Year in Plovdiv                                               Louis Stott

11 June                 A Selection of French Music                            Peter Sutherland

25 June                 Members' Night

Autumn 2014

1 October              Ferruccio Busoni                                        Peter Taylor

15 October           Josef Mysliveček                                         Peter Herbert

29 October         A private performance of music performed
                            at the Society for Private Musical Performances
       Lewis Stevens

12 November    A Quartet of Presentations                           Monica Brown, Ann Gorringe,
                                                                                                      Pamela Masson, Ian Rae

26 November         Hubert Parry                                              Pat Herbert
                           &  A wide cross selection of music
                                by Peter Maxwell-Davies
                        Marjory Pearson

10 December    "Face the Music" Quiz                                 George Johnstone

Colin Brownlee's amusing poem about the Society is available as a pdf file here.