Past programme 2018


14 February Sacred and Profane George Johnstone
Blank line
28 February Cancelled because of bad weather
Blank line
14 March Play it again Sam Ian Richardson
Blank line
28 March Music Associated with Birmingham Lewis Stevens
Blank line
11 April Members' Night
Blank line
25 April

Jan Křtitel Vaňhal

Peter Herbert
9 May Some Recent Acquisitions Peter Taylor
23 May Herbert Howells Pat Herbert
& American Classics Marjory Pearson
6 June Music from Vienna Peter Sutherland
20 June Cancelled


26 September Erwin Schulhoff (1894-1942)
- An eclectic composer Lewis Stevens
Blank line
10 October The B’s – Herbert Howells Friends Pat Herbert
Blank line
24 October Schumann, Clara, and Brahms Ian Richardson
Blank line
7 November Igor Stravinsky Peter Taylor
Blank line
21 November Past young musicians of the year Marjory Pearson
Blank line
5 December Divine Inspiration Fred Trott
19 December Members' Night

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