Past programme 2008

Spring 2008

16 January              Music for the Unprejudiced Ear                                George Johnstone

30 January              Music and the Trossachs                                           Louis Stott

13 February            The Scandanavian Strauss - H.C. Lumbye            Jim Benson

27 February            Czech Chamber Music 1780 - 2000                         Lewis Stevens

12 March                 Selected Choral Music                                               Monica Brown

Summer 2008

9   April                  Members'  Night

23 April                  Facets of Edgar Elgar                                                     Malcolm Cloke

7   May                   Great Voices of our Time                                               Pamela Masson

21 May                   Brush up your Shakespeare                                         George Johnstone

4  June                  Olivier Messian’s 100th Anniversary
                                                     - Is it Worth Remembering?                    Peter Sutherland

18 June                 Mahler  and his Ambiguous Music                              Stephen Hatton

2   July                   Members' Night

Autumn/Winter 2008

10 September         Members' Night

8   October              Music of Martinů                                                         Peter Sutherland

22 October              Aspects of Spanish Music                                        John Masson

5   November          Smollett: Musical Connections                                Louis Stott

19 November          Anja Silja: Singing through the Decades               Lewis Stevens

17 December          Leontyne Price - Voice of the Century?                Stephen Hatton